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Our Company, Our People, Our Mission Statement

The DirectSecurityGroup is a unique, turn-key business opportunity unlike any security dealership program available today designed to focus on the ever increasing demand for quality, professionally installed and supported, security products.

Originally started as Monitoring Direct, The $12.00 a month monitoring company in 1995, we have grown to various, distinct, innovative quality products..only available through our private network of professional security industry wholesales and manufactures.

With an established, local, recognizable brand and reputation, we are looking to take our brand nationally across both Canada and the United States.
Our present network of security websites already receive almost 500,000 hit per year ranking us as a major "GoTo" security support and information sites that showcase our complete product line through the internet.

Our existing 'flagship" location located in Edmonton, Alberta includes thousands of system installed over the years including Monitoring Direct, 2WayVoiceDirect, FireAlarmDirect, VideoAlarmDirect and IPAlarmDirect.

Our customer base include customers all over the province of Alberta, British Columbia and some US States.
Our Concept
Coming Soon - Products in Development