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The Opportunity - Recurring Revenue

Our Company

The DirectSecurityGroup is a turn-key business designed to focus on the "huge demand" for Monitored Security Systems. We are working hard to further  established our brand and reputation with home owners and are now expanding across Canada quickly followed by entry into the USA.
Our Diverse line of Products are unique to the industry and we are setting a new standard of excellence and service in the Security industry.

The Industry

Lenders and Insurance companies are increasing their requirements for a professionally installed and monitored Home Security System. prior to putting a mortgage on a house or insuring it. Business are continuing to increase security from Live two Way Voice and Live Video Monitoring to provide an additional level of security to their employees providing them with comfort and peace of mind.

Your Opportunity

Entrepenure Magazine ranked the Home Alarm Sales among North America's 50 Hottest jobs.

A Dealer Opportunity with Direct Security Group offers you the chance to change careers, own your own business and become your own boss, without re-inventing the wheel, a total turn-key opportunity.
Our Dealer Opportunity gives you the chance to fulfill your dreams of self-employment, job security and financial gain that comes with a proven method.

Direct Security group Dealer Plan was developed from the need for a professional and customer service oriented Security Dealership service. With an extremely efficient business model, the Dealer can create incredible value and satisfaction in business operations.

We are on the leading edge with our training and technology, with a strong desire to be number one in every market we enter.

We invite your participation in our exciting growth and to share in our success. Call today to discuss a personal presentation.

N Kevin MacPhee
Direct Security Group
The DSGroup Benefits
The Opportunity